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Boardwalk Resorts at Atlantic Palace

Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08401 | 68 Timeshares Available

Boardwalk Resorts at Atlantic Palace timeshare sales and rentals; a high-rise resort located on the famous Atlantic City boardwalk. The resort features studio, one, and two-bedroom units that overlook either the help you sell your timeshare quickly, or save thousands and buy Atlantic Palace timeshares by owner. Many restaurants are within walking distance of the resort, but seafood is the specialty in Atlantic City, and several famous casinos are just minutes from Boardwalk Resorts at Atlantic Palace!

Studio Units Available 1 Bedroom Units Available 2 Bedroom Units Available Beachfront Short Distance to Beach Restaurants on Site

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Property #Bedrooms Bathrooms Usage Type Week Price Zero Down Financing From
12815322Annual, Chairman's ClubFloating, High Peak Season$32,500$506/mo.
12810811Annual, Chairman's ClubFloating, High Peak Season$31,500$490/mo.
128033Studio1Biennial - Even YearsFloating, High Peak Season$8,400$131/mo.
12802311Biennial - Even YearsFloating, High Peak Season$15,900$247/mo.
127846Studio1Annual, Chairman's ClubFloating, High Peak Season$19,500$303/mo.
126766Studio1Biennial - Odd YearsFloating, White Season$6,500$101/mo.
12533422AnnualFloating, Red Season$19,900$310/mo.
12673511Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$9,000$140/mo.
126291Studio1Biennial - Even YearsFloating, High Peak Season$12,500$195/mo.
12029311Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$5,400$84/mo.
12505111Annual, Chairman's ClubFloating, High Peak Season$25,000$389/mo.
121678Studio1AnnualFloating, White Season$3,000N/A
125093Studio1Annual, Chairman's ClubFloating, High Peak Season$19,900$310/mo.
125011Studio1Annual, Chairman's ClubFloating, Red Season$19,900$310/mo.
12021611Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$9,990$155/mo.
123731Studio1Annual, Chairman's ClubFloating, High Peak Season$18,900$294/mo.
122230Studio1Biennial - Even YearsFloating, White Season$10,200$159/mo.
12305311AnnualFloating, High Peak Season$18,500$288/mo.
122707Studio1AnnualFloating, Red Season$30,999$482/mo.
86240Studio1AnnualFloating, Red Season$9,000$140/mo.
12233411Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$8,900$139/mo.
12115711Annual, Chairman's ClubFloating, Red Season$16,000$249/mo.
12210822Biennial - Even YearsFloating, Peak Season$34,900$543/mo.
12163111AnnualFloating, Red Season$15,000$233/mo.