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BuyerProtection+ Answers Common Timeshare Complaints


One of the most common complaints of potential timeshare buyers is the upfront fee normally required to sell a non-legacy timeshare. This is not an issue that usually comes up when buying a timeshare from a developer; the controlled environment of a timeshare tour almost ensures it won't. The resale market, however, exists on the chaos of the internet - where transparency reigns. A buyer searching for resales is practically guaranteed to find out. Once that 'cat is out of the bag' it frightens many potential buyers. In fact, we observed that concerns about needing to sell in the future were the #1 reason why our clients' buyers got cold feet.

Bay Tree Solutions is committed to answering common complaints about timeshare resales, and ensuring our clients have the best possible opportunity to sell at a fair price. In 2015, we introduced the BuyerProtection+ program specifically to address this common complaint about timeshare!

Now, our buyers receive the best guarantee in the industry: If you buy a timeshare advertised on baytreesolutions.com, and are not happy with it for any reason, simply contact us and we will help you sell the timeshare completely free of charge.

BuyerProtection+ takes the fear out of the timeshare buying process. Now, no matter what the future holds, you can rest assured that we've got you covered - and that you'll never pay a fee to sell a timeshare you bought here!