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BayTreeSolutions.com - Terms of Service

The resources and services at BayTreeSolutions.com are provided by Bay Tree Solutions, Inc. (hereafter BTS) Use of BTS' services constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Service (TOS) outlined herein. BTS is committed to providing the very best content and services available to its users, and these TOS help to maintain the integrity of BayTreeSolutions.com.

From time to time, it may be necessary for BTS to make changes to the TOS. If possible, advance notice will be given, solely as a courtesy to users. Changes to the TOS will be effective as of the date posted on this page, and users are advised to check back periodically, in order to be advised of any changes. If you do not agree to the TOS, do not access BayTreeSolutions.com, or make use of services provided by BTS. Willful violation of the TOS may, at the discretion of BTS, result in termination of services without refund.


BTS is a corporation domiciled in the State of Georgia, and your use of our services will be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia. Any legal action resulting from your use of our services shall be brought in a court of appropriate jurisdiction in Fulton County, Georgia. If there are laws in your State/Country that apply to your use of BTS services, or to the sale/rental of a timeshare interest, it is your obligation to be aware of such laws, and to be in compliance. Dispute Resolution: Should a dispute arise, you must contact BTS and give us an opportunity to resolve internally prior to involving a third party.

Timeshare Resale and Rental Services, Advertiser Terms

BTS is a For Sale by Owner/For Rent by Owner advertising and marketing company, not a real estate broker. BTS is not affiliated with your resort or exchange company. Our cooperative program involves pooling Advertisers' resources to maximize exposure to potential buyers/renters of your timeshare property; using advanced Search Engine Placement strategies, content development, and other proprietary means. BTS cannot, and will not, negotiate on your behalf. BTS will forward all offers directly to you, and allow you to negotiate the sale/rental of your timeshare without the involvement of a broker and without a commission.

Although your timeshare will be exposed to millions of potential buyers/renters as a result of the advertising program, BTS does not have a specific buyer/renter for your timeshare at the present time.

The value of your timeshare is comprised of the price at which you are willing to sell, and the amount a buyer is willing to pay. In order to assist you in achieving an optimal outcome, BTS may provide you information concerning the listing prices of similar timeshares, or information concerning developer sales pricing at your resort, compiled from historical data. Any information BTS provides should not be considered an “appraisal" of your timeshare’s value, and you as the owner are ultimately responsible for choosing the sale/rental price you are willing to accept.

The term of your marketing agreement is ninety (90) days, and although the marketing program is designed to assist you sell/rent your timeshare as quickly as possible, BTS cannot guarantee a sale date. If, for any reason, you do not accept a sale/rental offer within ninety (90) days, BTS will automatically renew your agreement at our expense, and continue to advertise your timeshare until sold/rented.

You are responsible for returning signed and dated marketing agreement to BTS in a timely fashion. Failure to do so may result in your timeshare’s removal from the advertising program, and no refund will be issued. Should your phone number(s) or email address change, you must provide BTS updated contact information. If we are unable to reach you for an extended period, for the purposes of forwarding you a sale/rental inquiry, your advertisement will be removed from our program. Additionally, if you fail to notify us that you no longer own the timeshare being advertised, it will be removed from our advertising program.

You may choose to provide text or photos to be used in your timeshare profile. Any photos must be owned by you, or used with permission from the copyright owner. Should BTS become aware that photos you provided are in violation of copyright laws, they will be removed immediately.

Your marketing fee is a one-time, non-recurring, and non-refundable charge.
(Excepting Cancellation period, and terms of our Money Back Guarantee below.)

Once you have sold your timeshare, and at your request, BTS will provide referrals for financing of the buyer and a title company for closing. (It is customary for the buyer to pay closing costs unless you negotiate otherwise.) Your buyer will also receive our exclusive BuyerProtection+ program.

Price Confidentiality
Quotes and pricing terms for our services are negotiated between you, as the Advertiser, and BTS, and may be unique to you. Therefore, and except as otherwise provided by law, you agree to keep the pricing arrangement confidential for a period of no less than five (5) years from the date of Agreement. You agree not to disclose this Confidential Information to any business, whether or not business is in competition with BTS.

If you notify BTS of your intent to cancel the marketing agreement, within seven (7) days of date of agreement, a full refund will be issued. Refunds may take up to thirty (30) days to process.

Money Back Guarantee
If your timeshare is sold by you, or anyone else, within 50% of the original advertised price or above, we will refund your marketing fee in full, within thirty (30) days of receiving notice. Acceptable proof of sale: an executed and recorded deed transfer, or certified copy of closing statement. Amount of sale must be verifiable. (Resort upgrade, or participation in a “Relief” or “Transfer” program, does not constitute a sale.)

Download Sample Agreements

Timeshare Buyer/Renter Terms

BTS is not a real estate broker, and any negotiation for the sale/rental of a timeshare included in the marketing program will be directly between you, and the owner of the timeshare (Advertiser.) Should you wish to retain the services of a real estate broker to assist you with the sale/rental of a timeshare, payment of any commissions will be at the sole discretion of the Advertiser. Timeshare resale buyers are strongly urged to use a Title Company to handle the transfer of the timeshare, including the escrow of purchase funds. Should you need a referral to a title company experienced in closing on timeshares, BTS will be happy to provide one.

BuyerProtection+ When you buy a timeshare advertised by Bay Tree Solutions, you receive our exclusive BuyerProtection+ program: If, you are not satisfied with your timeshare for any reason, simply contact us and we will advertise your timeshare for sale at no cost to you.

Timeshare renters will typically be required to show Photo Identification, along with a Major Credit Card, in order to check-in at the resort. Additionally, timeshare renters may be required to sign a Rental Agreement, accepting responsibility for any damages caused to the unit during their stay.

Information contained in Property Profiles appearing on BayTreeSolutions.com is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed accurate. Buyers/Renters assume full responsibility for verifying property information.

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions regarding the TOS, or concerning buying, renting or selling a timeshare, feel free to contact the BTS Client Helpline toll-free at 1-888-618-5730.

Last Updated 5/7/19