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About Bay Tree Solutions - Industry Information

Who We Are

Our company was founded in 2006 by Doug Milbrath and Gina Delose, timeshare industry experts who are both pro consumer and pro developer. In order to maintain price integrity, we work with a limited number of actively selling resorts with demand on the resale market. We thoroughly educate independent timeshare owners who would like to make a change and show them how patience and research will help them sell their ownership a fair market price. Our team is led by Chief Executive Officer, Doug Milbrath. Doug has deep roots in both the timeshare industry and digital marketing.  His strategy has guided Bay Tree Solutions to successfully help thousands of owners sell their timeshares.

Why We Are

We created Bay Tree Solutions to help vacation owners who are interested in reselling their timeshare interest to connect with interested buyers. Research shows that 70% of the timeshare buyer demographic are GenX or Millennials. We know that sellers will have a much greater rate of success by reaching these upcoming generations through Social Media and organic SEO strategies. In this way we can ensure that our clients gain maximum exposure to the right target market.

How We Work

While we make much of our content about buying and selling timeshare available online, our experience has been that timeshare owners want to speak to a knowledgeable representative, where they can ask questions and be heard. We have expert staff available to assist owners and provide guidance at each stage of the process:

1. Consultation

Most owners who contact us are not able to accurately describe what they own and, left to their own devices, would price their properties above current developer pricing. During our consultation with the owner we help them determine exactly what it is they are selling, so that it can be advertised accurately. We advise owners to offer their property at a discount compared to developer pricing, so that it represents a clear value.

2. Advertising

Using information provided by the owner, we create a personalized full web page advertisement for the property. The owner is given an opportunity to approve the advertisement, customize it to their liking, or cancel the service entirely if they are not satisfied.

3. Marketing

We research search terms related to the property being sold and create relevant content for these terms; allowing our website to appear in the organic search results for the terms buyers are most likely to use. Not only does this process benefit the owner, but quality, positive content we create benefits the online presence of those developers. Additionally, we conduct targeted social media campaigns that expose our clients to potential buyers and create positive conversation about the timeshare product.

4. Protecting Owner Privacy

We screen potential offers, and forward all verifiable contacts to the owner. Buyer and seller are able to negotiate the price of the timeshare in a "for sale by owner" format. If needed, we can provide referrals to title and finance companies. Our Client Services staff is just a phone call away on our convenient Client Help Line.

You have high standards, and so do we.  That’s why building a solid relationship with the resort developers with properties still in sales is extremely important to us.  If your owners are truly set on selling their timeshare, we will encourage them to keep their accounts current while presenting their interests on THE Timeshare Marketplace. Many developers do not have a set resale policy and/or procedure which meets the needs of their owners.  We can bridge that gap in a positive and constructive way.

Timeshare Owner/Member Benefits

With our marketing savvy and understanding of both sides of the equation, we’ve had extraordinary success in helping our clients sell at much higher prices than many of our competitors. By providing a coherent marketplace, we give owners a far greater chance of selling at a price they are happy to accept.