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Sheraton Flex Vacations

Various Locations, U.S. | 190 Timeshares Available

Shop Sheraton Flex Vacation Plan timeshares for sale at rent by owner. Unlike other Vistana Signature Experiences ownerships that are deeded at a specific location, Flex gives you points, or Home Options, that can be used at any of the home resorts that include: Sheraton Vistana Resort, Sheraton Vistana Villages, Sheraton Beach Club, Sheraton Desert Oasis, Sheraton Broadway Plantation, and Sheraton Steamboat Springs! Your Flex ownership is securely backed by a pool of deeds associated with each of the resorts. And Sheraton Home Options points can be banked and exchanged through Interval International, just as any other Sheraton Vacation Club ownership. Save thousands and buy a Sheraton Flex Vacations timeshare resale direct from an existing owner!

Points Ownerships Available 1 Bedroom Units Available 2 Bedroom Units Available Short Distance to Beach Water Park

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