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Tahiti Village

Photo of Tahiti VillageLas Vegas, Nevada, 89119 | 125 Timeshares Available

Rent or buy Tahiti Village timeshare resales and rentals: This Las Vegas, Nevada resort is located directly on the Strip, with convenient shuttle service to the attractions. The property features one-bedroom units, called Bora Bora & Moorea, or two-bedroom lock-out units called the Royal Tahitian. This is now an RCI points resort, and while all weeks are still considered "red season" potential buyers should review the points value as well - total points vary widely based on season. Browse Tahiti Village timeshares for sale by owner, or sell Las Vegas timeshare fast with Bay Tree Solutions! Visit Resort Website.

1 Bedroom Units Available 2 Bedroom Units Available Restaurants on Site Water Park

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Property #Bedrooms Bathrooms Usage Type Week Price Zero Down Financing From
12332511Annual, MooreaFloating$1,000N/A
11609222AnnualFloating/49 Available$1,200N/A
119248R11Biennial - Odd YearsFloating, Gold$600N/A
116600R11Biennial - Even YearsFloating$900N/A
11722211AnnualFloating/Deeded 39$1,500N/A
11683311Biennial - Even YearsFloating$1,200N/A
11683511Biennial - Even YearsFloating$1,650N/A
11681711AnnualFloating/Deeded 23$850N/A
11657111Biennial - Even YearsFloating$450N/A
11639011Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$700N/A
1586522Biennial - Even YearsFloating$3,000N/A
1422711Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$1,850N/A
1453011AnnualFloating/Deeded 21$1,650N/A
1531811Biennial - Even YearsFloating$1,800N/A
1394611Biennial OddFloating$1,400N/A
1368511Biennial OddFloating$1,500N/A
1361211Biennial OddFloating$1,800N/A