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King's Creek Plantation

Williamsburg, Virginia, 23185 | 261 Timeshares Available

King's Creek Plantation - The Townes, The Cottages, The Estates timeshare resales and rentals: The Williamsburg, Virginia private, gated family resort is comprised of 3 distinct phases, with lock-out features, luxurious condos, and distinctive cottages. Resort amenities include pools and spas, tennis courts, fitness center, internet cafe, and state of the art aquatic center. Browse King's Creek timeshares for sale and rent by owner, or sell Williamsburg timeshare fast! Visit Resort Website.

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Property #Bedrooms Bathrooms Usage Type Week Price Zero Down Financing From
12416733.5Annual, The Cottages52 (New Years)$19,500$303/mo.
12807922Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$11,900$185/mo.
12748644.5Annual, The EstatesFloating$49,900$777/mo.
12742911Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$9,900$154/mo.
12522433.5Annual, The CottagesFloating, Red Season$14,900$232/mo.
12522344Annual, The TownesFloating$18,900$294/mo.
12099033.5Biennial - Even YearsFloating, Red Season$18,000$280/mo.
12096233.5Biennial - Odd YearsFloating/Deeded 36$15,000$233/mo.
8353022Biennial - Odd YearsFloating/Deeded 41$2,000N/A
12617333.5Biennial - Odd YearsFloating, Red Season$12,500$195/mo.
8535544.5Annual, The EstatesFloating, Red Season$32,000$498/mo.
12604233.5Annual52 (New Year's)$29,900$465/mo.
12134633.5Annual, The Cottages17$2,500N/A
12101144.5Annual, The EstatesFloating$23,900$372/mo.
12549933.5Biennial - Odd YearsFloating$15,000$233/mo.
12554722Biennial - Odd Years18$12,500$195/mo.
12215122.5Biennial - Odd Years26 (July 4th)$9,900$154/mo.
12517911Biennial - Odd Years16$10,900$170/mo.
8266733.5Biennial - Even YearsFloating/Deeded 25$18,900$294/mo.
12193733.5Biennial - Even YearsFloating/Deeded 46$6,500$101/mo.
12164044Annual, The TownesFloating/Deeded 12$22,000$342/mo.
12027422Annual, The TownesFloating/Deeded 34$18,500$288/mo.
8484711Biennial - Odd Years11$7,250$113/mo.
12406822Annual, The TownesFloating, Red Season$14,900$232/mo.