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Timeshare ownership provides years of memorable family vacations, but what happens when you can't use your week?

Owning a timeshare can be a mixed blessing, they're great if you're using them, but costly if you're not. Many owners contact us frustrated over the exchange system or their inability to rent their week. The reality is resort developers have made renting or selling your timeshare difficult.

Not convinced? Try contacting your resort and asking them to rent your week for you. Call your salesperson and ask him/her to help you sell the timeshare. You'll find that the resort has little interest in helping you, and often you'll be provided with misinformation designed to deter you.

The developers aren't trying to be malicious they actually believe growth of timeshare resales is a threat to their business model - an assumption that seems absurd as the housing resale market has not stopped development of new homes and neighborhoods. The moment you decide to rent or sell your timeshare, your resort developer will view you as a competitor... In our view, by selling or renting your property at a fair price, you bolster the developer's credibility by demonstrating their product has real value. Sadly, until the paradigm shifts significantly, you should understand your resort will generally do it's best to thwart your attempt to resell or rent your timeshare.

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If you've been an owner for any length of time, you've no doubt been contacted multiple times with offers to sell or rent your timeshare. It can be hard to determine what will work and what won't, and unfortunately many owners have experimented with selling their timeshares only to learn what doesn't work.

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If it was easy to sell timeshare the developers wouldn't give free dinners or Disney tickets to everyone that takes a tour. Despite the high upfront cost, timeshare developers are still able to profit and prosper from paid marketing... because they use marketing professionals. While it might have seemed that you were selected randomly to attend a sales presentation, it was not a random event. You were invited to tour because your income met the criteria, your marital status met the criteria, and your place of residence met the criteria making you a likely buyer, and future timeshare owner.

Our strategies aren't miracle cures, and we reserve the right to refuse listings that don't meet our criteria. Feel free to browse our listings and review our terms and conditions. If you're thinking 'I'm ready to sell my timeshare now,' contact us to discuss your options. Otherwise, bookmark our site, and come back when you need us.

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