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Bluegreen Vacations - Points, 2 Bedroom - Property #126466

Located in Various Locations, U.S. & Caribbean

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The owners have multiple weeks available for rental in a 2-Bedroom/2-Bath Bluegreen timeshare for just $1,500 each - stay at your choice of Bluegreen Vacations resorts! Reserve today!!

Imagine having deeded access to dozens of vacation resorts among beautiful beaches and majestic mountains... With the Bluegreen Vacation Club points-based ownership, that's exactly what you get! From tropical oases to rustic locales, your home-away-from-home awaits you. Unlike most timeshare programs, you don't just use vacation time at a specific resort; you own Bluegreen Points ("Vacation Points") that allow you to enjoy any and all resorts in the Bluegreen family.

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