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Timeshare at Westgate Lakes Still Delights Visitors to Orlando


With over 80 timeshare resorts in the Metro Orlando area, and new developments popping up regularly, it's easy to overlook some old favorites. There are certainly a few Orlando timeshares that continue to delight, long after their fifteen minutes have past. One property that warrants a second look is
Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa.

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When Westgate Lakes debuted in the mid 1990's, the design of its condominiums was nothing short of revolutionary. While other developers began offering ever-complicated points-based ownerships,
Westgate Resorts focused on offering consumers a
better product
: units featuring big-screen televisions with surround sound, master suites with enormous jetted tubs, leather sectional sofas, and private screened patios.

Westgate Lakes Living Room
Westgate Lakes - Jetted Tub in Master Bedroom

The resort's architecture closely mirrors that of the million-dollar residential developments just across the Big Sand Lake. Probably the best testiment to
Westgate Lakes' thoughtful design is that it doesn't look dated - even after 15 years. In fact, thousands of families continue to purchase timeshare intervals at the popular resort each year.

Westgate Lakes - Big Sand Lake

If there is one criticism that's commonly leveled against Westgate, it's the
high-pressure approach of its sales team. Regardless of the validity of that assessment, buying timeshare resale means
neverhaving to speak with a salesperson. Interested buyers will find great deals on Westgate Lakes timeshare resales, often at thousands less than developer pricing!

Planning a vacation to Orlando, but not sure you're ready to buy timeshare? Consider a
Westgate Lakes Resort timeshare rental - you'll stay as an owner-guest with full-access  to resort amenities, no room taxes at check-in, and no timeshare tour required!

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