Terms & Conditions

Bay Tree Solutions SM (BTS) is a For Sale/Rent marketing company that is not affiliated with your resort, or a real estate broker. The cooperative marketing program involves pooling resources with those of other sellers/lessors to maximize exposure to potential buyers/renters of your vacation property. BTS cannot negotiate on your behalf. BTS will contact you immediately with all offers and allow you to negotiate the sale/rental of your vacation property without the involvement of any broker and without any commission.

Although your timeshare will be exposed to millions of potential buyers/renters as a result of BTS’s marketing program, BTS does not have a specific buyer/renter at the present time.

Your marketing agreement is for ninety (90) days, and although we expect your property to sell in that time-frame, BTS cannot guarantee a sale date. If, for any reason, you do not accept an offer within ninety (90) days BTS will renew your agreement at our expense and continue to market your timeshare until sold.

Your marketing fee is a one-time, non-recurring charge. It will be refunded in full if you, or anyone else, sell your timeshare before we do. (Proof of sale at comparable price required.)

Once you accept an offer, BTS will assist with financing the buyer and arranging the closing with a title company. It's customary for the buyer to pay closing costs unless you negotiate otherwise.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Client Services Department directly toll-free at 1-877-423-0069.

Sample Sales Agreement
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Sample Rental Agreement
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